Forget Delivery: 21 Homemade Pizzas You’ll Crave

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Forget Delivery: 21 Homemade Pizzas You’ll Crave

Convenience often comes at the expense of quality. This collection of pizza recipes delivers on both, proving that great-tasting pizza can be whipped up right in your own kitchen.
Tortilla Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Flatbread Pizza

Two slices of  pizza with tomatoes and herbs.
Flatbread Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Skip the delivery wait and the reheating disappointment. This thin and crispy flatbread pizza comes hot right from your own oven, making you wonder why you ever settled for takeaway.
Get the Recipe: Flatbread Pizza

Tortilla Pizza

Four tortilla pizzas on a wooden cutting board.
Tortilla Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

No more settling for soggy takeaway crusts. Your tortilla pizza will be crispy, fresh, and ready before the delivery guy even starts his car. It’s homemade done right.
Get the Recipe: Tortilla Pizza

Cheese Pizza

A pizza with cheese cut in half on a wooden board.
Cheese Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Why settle for a cheese pizza that’s been sitting in a box when you can have one hot from your own oven? One taste of the gooey, melted cheese, and you’ll ditch the delivery apps.
Get the Recipe: Cheese Pizza

Pizza Bagels

Pizza bagels on parchment paper, one with a bite out of it and a jar of BBQ sauce nearby.
Pizza Bagels. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Fast-food breakfasts have nothing on this. The convenience of a bagel meets the satisfaction of a pizza, all made in your own kitchen. It’s so good, you’ll forget there are restaurants that deliver this.
Get the Recipe: Pizza Bagels

Pizza Salad

Homemade pizza salad in a serving bowl with wooden salad servers resting on top.
Pizza Salad. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Get the best of both worlds—a salad that actually tastes like a meal. This isn’t your usual takeaway option; it’s a brand new way to enjoy pizza flavors, made fresh right in your kitchen.
Get the Recipe: Pizza Salad

Pizza Seasoning

A wooden bowl filled with pizza seasoning on a plate.
Pizza Seasoning. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

With this homemade seasoning, those little takeaway packets will become a thing of the past. Add some zing to your pizza and wonder why you ever relied on store-bought.
Get the Recipe: Pizza Seasoning

Artichoke Pizza

A pizza with artichokes, tomatoes and spinach.
Artichoke Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

The taste of artichoke and cheese on a perfectly baked crust makes ordering in seem like yesterday’s news. One bite and you’ll understand why homemade always wins.
Get the Recipe: Artichoke Pizza

Veggie Pizza

Someone taking a slice of veggie pizza.
Veggie Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Who needs to add more greens to a takeaway order when you can make this fresh and flavorful veggie pizza at home? It’s a whole new way to enjoy your favorite vegetables without the guilt.
Get the Recipe: Veggie Pizza

Margherita Pizza

Someone helping themselves to a slice of Margherita pizza.
Margherita Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

There’s no need to compare it to the local pizza place, because this homemade Margherita will steal the spotlight. It’s got the classic ingredients, and they’re all fresh. You won’t be calling for takeaway anytime soon.
Get the Recipe: Margherita Pizza

Tomato Pizza

Someone slicing a pizza with a pizza cutter.
Tomato Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Forget the soggy, canned tomato experience you get with takeaway. With this homemade option, you’re in control of freshness and flavor. It’s a complete reset on what tomato pizza can be.
Get the Recipe: Tomato Pizza

Pizza Dough

Someone sprinkling flour over pizza dough.
Pizza Dough. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Making your dough at home is easier than you think, and the result is worth every minute. Say goodbye to the cardboard-like crusts that come from the takeaway joints.
Get the Recipe: Pizza Dough

Spinach Pizza

Spinach pizza sliced and ready to eat.
Spinach Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Ditch the creamed spinach from the takeaway menu. When you make this at home, spinach becomes the star of the show. It’s a nutritious choice that doesn’t skimp on taste.
Get the Recipe: Spinach Pizza

Pizza Toppings

A pizza with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms on a plate.
Pizza Toppings. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Forget limited takeaway options. At home, you can experiment with toppings as much as you want. It’s your chance to get creative and still beat anything that arrives in a box.
Get the Recipe: Pizza Toppings

Pesto Pizza

Someone grabbing a slice of pesto pizza.
Pesto Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

A jar of store-bought pesto can’t compare to the vibrant flavors of homemade. Once you try it on your pizza, you’ll understand why takeaway can sometimes be the inferior choice.
Get the Recipe: Pesto Pizza

French Bread Pizza

Four slices of French bread pizza with tomatoes and cheese on a cutting board.
French Bread Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

When you’ve got French Bread Pizza this good, takeaway feels like a downgrade. Transform leftover bread into a pizza that’s so satisfying, you’ll think twice before ordering in.
Get the Recipe: French Bread Pizza

Olive Pizza

Cooked olive pizza on a pizza paddle.
Olive Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Tired of the bland, canned olives you get with takeaway? Go homemade and experience the salty, rich olives the way they were meant to be enjoyed.
Get the Recipe: Olive Pizza

Mushroom Pizza

Mushroom pizza sliced and ready to eat.
Mushroom Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Forget takeaway when you can have fresh mushrooms on a perfectly baked crust. It’s a unique flavor profile you can only get when you make it yourself.
Get the Recipe: Mushroom Pizza

Marinara Pizza

A cooked and sliced marinara pizza.
Marinara Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

A rich sauce made right in your kitchen that makes you question why you ever opted for takeaway. No added sugar, no preservatives, just straightforward goodness.
Get the Recipe: Marinara Pizza

Greek Pizza

Greek pizza, sliced on a board.
Greek Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

A burst of Mediterranean flavors, right from your own oven. It’s like a mini-vacation without having to tip the delivery driver. You’ll forget all about that takeaway menu collecting dust on your fridge.
Get the Recipe: Greek Pizza

Nutella Pizza

Nutella pizza with strawberries on a pizza board.
Nutella Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Who needs to add another dessert to the takeaway cart when you can have Nutella Pizza right at home? It’s the sweet fix you’ve been craving, without the styrofoam container. Trust us, it’s a game-changer.
Get the Recipe: Nutella Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza

A quick and easy pizza recipe on a white plate.
Neapolitan Pizza. Photo credit: Splash of Taste.

Authentic, simple, and downright delicious. Forget the delivery apps; you can achieve that Italian pizzeria taste from the comfort of your home. You won’t miss the takeaway boxes, promise.
Get the Recipe: Neapolitan Pizza

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